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Share-a-Book Presentations (SAB.4.1 and SAB.4.2)


Two times during the semester, you will be responsible for preparing a read-aloud to share with our classmates in the university classroom. You will introduce the book with a booktalk, read the book aloud, and lead a discussion afterward. You will plan a discussion prompt, a literature response engagement or drama response and guide your group in that experience. (See Chapter 13 in Essentials of Children’s Literature.)


The goal of this project is to practice giving booktalks to invite readers to pick up selected books. You will sign up to present your Share-A-Book three times over the course of the semester.


You will carefully select a book. It can be of any length but you will need to stay within the 30-minute timeframe. If you are using a novel, you will select an excerpt for which you have designed a discussion or engagement.


You will share your selection as a read-aloud with a small group. Before you read the book or passage, you will booktalk the book as though we were “selling” to a targeted readership. You may ask to be videotaped during your booktalk and read-aloud. You will need to bring a jump drive on which to store your video after we have captured and downloaded it. This will be your personal file to review and self-assess your development as a read-aloud provider.


After the read-aloud, you will then lead your small group in a response to this book. You will bring all the necessary materials to engage your listeners. You are encouraged to try the literature response engagements or drama response in Chapter 13 of the literature textbook.


You will have 30 minutes for this entire presentation. Please plan it carefully.


After each Share-a-Book presentation, you will complete and submit a reflection via the Blackboard Assignment Tool. The first one will be SAB.4.1; the second is SAB.4.2. Each presentation is worth 15 points. You must complete this assignment BEFORE the last day of class.



  1. As you read books for your reading records, think about which ones will engender a meaningful discussion with classmates or would work well for a literature engagement or drama response.
  2. Think about an appropriate and engaging discussion prompt, literature response engagement, or drama response for the titles you select.
  3. Review the SAB.4.1 Reflection (.doc).
  4. Sign up for three read-alouds over the course of the semester.
  5. Come prepared to class prepared to share the book.
  6. Before the next class (after your presentations), SAB.4.1 and SAB.4.2 Reflection (as appropriate) via the Blackboard Assignment Tool. These are all found in Module 4.


Assessing and Submitting Your Work:

v Use the SAB.4.1 Reflection to self-assess your work.

v Submit your SAB.4.1 Reflection via the BB Assignment Tool in Module 4. (You will do the same for SAB.4.2 and SAB.4.3.)


v File Name:
Last Name_Reflection_SAB.4.1


Moreillon_ Reflection_SAB.4.1


Share-A-Book 4.1 Reflection (.doc)


Share-A-Book 4.2 Reflection (.doc)


Share-A-Book Assignment Sheet (.pdf file) 




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