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Comodeling Videos


The following video clips display Dr. Moreillon and G.A. Ruth Nicole comodeling lessons in a collaborative classroom. Click the Vimeo links below to view each video.


Video 1--Comodeling Making an Inference with Text

After coreading, Dr. M. and Ruth Nicole intentionally stop the reading to model how to make an inference.


Video 2--Coreading the Story

This clip displays Dr. M. and Ruth Nicole modeling coreading the last two pages of Freedom Summer by Deborah Wiles illustrated by Jerome Lagarrigue.

Ms. Wiles has given us permission to link this reading and distribute it on the Web. (5/9/13) She also sent us a follow-up email on 8/5/13. Please see below.


Video 3--Comodeling a Visual Inference

In this clip, Dr. M. and Ruth Nicole are comodeling how to use visual literacy to make an inference.


Video 4--Comodeling an Inference

Using a graphic organizer, Dr. M. and Ruth Nicole are comodeling using think-alouds to model how to begin making an inference to develop a one-sentence theme.



Note from Deborah Wiles author of Freedom Summer:


From: Deborah Wiles
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2013 12:40 PM
To: Moreillon, Judi; Deborah Wiles
Cc: Hall, Ruth
Subject: RE: Permission to Post a Coreading Example - Freedom Summer

Hi, Judi and Ruth,
I have finally shipped off the new book to my editor and am (finally) catching up on email today. I have just watched the video of you two reading the end of Freedom Summer. It gave me chills to see it. Thank you so much for using this book with your students, and for the work you do to connect your students (and, therefore, their students) to stories. To books. To literature. To their lives.

I appreciate it.

My best,
Debbie Wiles




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