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Coteaching Videos


The following video exceprts display Dr. Moreillon and G.A. Ruth Nicole modeling coteaching in a collaborative classroom. Click the Vimeo links below to view each video.


Video 1--Cointroduction of Freedom Summer by Deborah Wiles and illustrated by Jerome Lagarrigue

In this excerpt, Dr. M. and Ruth Nicole cointroduce the text and invite students to make an inference using the cover of Freedom Summer.


Video 2--Coteaching is Fun!

Dr. M. and Ruth Nicole display that coteaching is fun for students, teacher, and school librarian.


Video 3--Cosoliciting Questions and Corecording

In this clip, Dr. M. and Ruth Nicole cosoliciting questions and corecording the responses of the students with their one-sentence themes are dividing the tasks of soliciting students' one-sentence themes and recording them for the class to view on the graphic organizer.







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